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Join our service provider network

If you are a leading service provider in one of the areas of the Find Neuro Help “Perimeter of Hope” (shown at left), and you are passionate about serving those in need, we want to speak to you.

Charitable contributions to Find Neuro Help cures are tax-deductible. Make a commitment, as a good citizen, by helping to create a sustained value for our society, your business, and customers. Your sponsorship will contribute to the well-being of communities and individuals. You can extend your influence by showing generosity, and being a caring citizen. Applying your resources in this way enables you to make tangible differences in countless lives.ind 

At Find Neuro Help, we understand the pressures and time constraints of today’s society.  If you are like most of us, it is difficult to commit to any volunteer activity that requires a specific time commitment – which is a characteristic trait of most traditional volunteer opportunities.  We recognize there is an enormous reservoir of a kind, charitable, and selfless individuals that are passionate about cultivating, within themselves, a sense of greater fulfillment and purpose through helping others.  Find Neuro Help tailors its programs for “On Demand Service” opportunities that are completely flexible, immediately actionable, and remarkably self-fulfilling.  You volunteer where you want, when you want, and how long you want, even if just 10 minutes is all you can afford.  Best of all, with each Find Neuro Help service project, you will be given a “How to Make the Biggest Impact” set of instructions that will help you in choosing the most effective use of your time and resources.

Tell Your Friends

If you like what Find Neuro Help has accomplished, and believe in the direction we are heading, please post a comment and share a few words about our organization on one of your social media accounts.  Share your opinions with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram friends and connections.  Ask them to weigh in on the topics we address, and the service we are providing.  Engage your friends, and inspire them to join in our cause.  Use your social media to help us promote upcoming events; tell your friends you will buy them lunch or help them with a project if they attend an event with you.  Make it a personal goal to see how many likes and comments you can generate.  Add our logo to your Pinterest account.

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