Answers to your Neurological Disease Questions

Answers to your Neurological Disease Questions

Neurological Diseases can have life altering effects, we understand, and we are here to help you find relief.

You are not alone

We are here to help you deal with the changes that come with neurological diseases.

We have the best resources to help you cope with many of the new aspects of your changed life. From mental health to estate planning – we’ve got it all. We came up with what we like to call our “Perimeter of Hope”- a guide for providing you with outstanding help and guidance so you never have to feel alone, confused, or afraid of moving forward with your life.

The Perimeter of Hope

The Perimeter of Hope is focused on addressing the practical needs of patients and families that have been impacted by a chronic neurological disease (CND).  At its center are the patient and their family.  The perimeter is comprised of solutions and services that are the most exigent but are often neglected or overlooked.  Left unattended, they can pose a significant risk to the peace of mind and stability of the CND patient and their family.

Mental Help

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Financial Guide

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Legal Help

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Housing Help

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Education & Tuition

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Medical Guide

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How we bring you hope

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